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Keep your machine in perfect running order with this maintenance checklist.

Use this handy coffee machine maintenance checklist to ensure you and your staff are taking proper care of the coffee machine. A dirty coffee machine will produce bad coffee. Consequently, where great coffee is commonplace you can’t slip behind on these basic maintenance tasks.

During the day coffee machine maintenance tasks


  • The first espresso or two should be made using the previous days (old) coffee grounds and disposed of. This ‘seasons’ the machine and get’s it ready for the days use. This eliminates the chance of any cleaner residue tainting the first coffee.
  • After using the steam wand turn on and off briefly to purge any remaining milk and wipe the wand with a damp cloth. This should be done after every use.
coffee machine group head cleaning

Daily coffee machine maintenance tasks


  • Back-flush the coffee machine using the correct cleaners. This includes cleaning the shower heads and seals with a group head cleaning brush.
  • Clean the milk wand with manufacturer recommended milk cleaner
  • Empty and clean the drip tray with warm soapy water and leave to dry off overnight.
coffee machine group handle cleaning

Weekly coffee machine maintenance tasks


  • With the drip tray removed pour 1 tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda into the brass collecting tray underneath the drip tray. This will keep the flexible waste pipe clean and help to prevent leakage caused by a blockage.
  • Soak the group handles in coffee cleaning solution overnight. Rinse well in the morning prior to use.
  • Clean grinder hopper. To do this make sure the hopper is empty and using a damp cloth and an alcohol based cleaner (the alcohol cuts through the oils from the coffee) to wipe the inside of the hopper. Leave to dry and replace the following day.
  • The busier cafes and coffee shops clean the shower plate and seals each week by removing them and placing them in cleaner overnight. This is only done by the busiest of cafe owners and if you feel unsure removing the shower head and plate speak to a coffee engineer for advice.
group handle cleaning before and after

Six monthly coffee machine maintenance tasks


  • It is recommended that the gaskets are changed roughly every 6 months. This is because constant heating and cooling of the gaskets causes them to harden therefore speeding up the wearing process. Being able to over tighten the group handle in the group head or leaking from anywhere are signs of a work filter gasket.


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