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The importance of a coffee machine water filter

A coffee machine water filter is one of the most underrated pieces of kit for your coffee machine. Poor water quality is a direct cause for bad coffee and effects the aroma and flavor of the coffee you serve. Why use the finest coffee beans only to have your efforts dashed with poor water quality!?

Limescale is the biggest enemy to your water quality.

Lime scale is formed when water (high in dissolved minerals) evaporates leaving behind calcium carbonate deposits. Have you heard the terms hard water and soft water? Hard water is a term used for water which is high in minerals (and therefore limescale.) Soft water is the opposite. If you live in hard water areas you will find that lime scale is a much bigger threat than soft water areas. The map below details the hard/soft water areas of the UK.

Hard water areas map

A professional coffee machine water filter performs two vital tasks. Firstly it prevents damage to your expensive coffee machine (via lime scale). Secondly it ensures that your coffee tastes delicious. Below shows a coffee machine heating element covered in lime scale.

limescale on a coffee machine heating element

Preventing Limescale on a coffee machine.

Once formed lime scale is rock solid and causes internal damage by blocking pipes and seizing valves. A simple water filter can significantly improve your water quality, by decreasing the quantity of minerals responsible for causing lime scale. A fitted coffee machine water filter removes these minerals before they can enter your machine. It is highly recommended that you use a water filter to prevent the reasons mentioned above!

Treating Lime scale on a coffee machine.

Treating lime scale is not a difficult process, however because the machine needs dismantling to get at the inner workings, it is a time consuming and expensive task. Coffee machine engineers use an acidic solution to dissolve the lime scale and if no damage has been caused it’s a straight forward task.

The moral of the story – use a quality water filter on your coffee machine. As a result you won’t have to worry about the nightmare that is lime scale.

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